Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is an American Bully?
A: The American Bully is a dog that was created in the late 20th century. They are often mistaken as Pit Bulls, and though the breed is descended from pit bulls, they do not conform to the American Pit Bull's breed type. There is a new breed kennel club, American Bully Kennel Club(ABKC), and the European Bully Kennel Club(EBKC) dedicated to American Bullies. This breed has been established for 20 years now, it was created to give a new direction and outlet for the breed. All the positive characteristics of the breed used were kept, like loyalty, stability with humans, and other impressive physical attributes. The traits of dog aggression and gameness were bred out of the breed, because the breed had no future purpose for those traits. A new style of breed was formed and is now promoted as the "American Bully". The American Bully is registered as an American Pit Bull Terrier with the UKC and American Staffordshire Terrier with the AKC.
Q: What are American Bullies mixed with?
A: American Bullies are to Pit Bulls as Pit Bulls are to American Staffordshire Terriers. Over the generations peoples tastes and styles have changed and they have chosen to breed in a direction fitting there likes. This is how new breeds are formed, every breed today comes from somewhere. It's completely unknown the true origin of the pitbull but it's widely accepted Pit Bulls are a cross between the now extinct white terrier and the bull dog. With that said American Bully breeders have chosen to breed for more of the bulldog traits instead of the terrier style traits which is commonly call game dogs. Threw selectively breeding and line breeding our dogs we have produced what we call today the American Bully. You can mix any dog you choose to, take a Chiwawa to a Great Dane if that's what you choose, that's how new breeds are formed, but you need to call the production of a mixed breed breeding what it is. In the bully world we call these dogs bang dogs. It's believed different bulldog breeds were used in the creation of the American Bully.
Q: At what age can I breed my male dog?
A: Most registry's like the AKC & UKC don't have a minimum age requirement on males, But the ABKC will not register a litter sired by a male under the age of 10 months and 12 months for a female.
Q: Do you offer a health guarantee, and will the puppy have had all its shots and be dewormed?
A: Yes, we vacinate all our new born pups at 6 weeks old and 8 weeks old as per the Vaccination Chart on this page, and we deworm the pups every 2 weeks starting at 2 weeks of age. To view our Health Guarantee please view our Policy Page for more details.
Q: Does GrindHouse Bullies allow visits to there yard?
A: Yes, by appointment only.
Q: Do we offer ear cropping or know anyone that performs ear cropping?
A: Yes, we can offer all the pups which we produce ear cropping at a discounted rate, please contact us for details.
Q: Does GrindHouse Bullies offer shipping, and to what states?
A: We ship nation wide to the lower 48 states only, we like to use Ground Shipping when possible but can ship using airline companies, all pups are shipped out of Tampa, FL. We do not ship our dogs over sea or outside of the USA. For details on Shipping please view Our Shipping Page including recommended Ground Shippers. Most cases Ground Shipping is equal to shipping your pup via the airlines but is extremly safer and takes much longer than using the airlines.
Q: When is the earliest I can I breed my female, and should I breed her?
A: The standard policy is to wait till the dogs 2nd heat cycle and no less than 12 months of age, although its strongly urged to wait till the dogs is at least 2 years of age. Each Dog develops at different rates, you want to make sure the dog is physically & mentally ready and capable to carry a litter. Every breeder asks them selves what will i gain by breeding this dog, genetically wise, What traits will the dogs throw that i want and that i don't want. Now is the breeding worth it. Breeding is all about bettering the breed, not filling the shelters with more unwanted dogs.
Q: Where can I find a local ABKC Show?
A: All ABKC sanctioned shows are posted on the ABKC website under Events Page or just click on the link below.
Q: What dog food or diet dose GrindHouse Bullies Use?
A: We feed our dogs a 100% Raw diet, which consists of chicken with the bone (raw), liver, hearts, sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, celery, oatmeal, yogurt, salmon oil and more. Raw meat can include everything from beef, chicken, turkey, lamb & pork.
Q: Should a "Bully Style" bully be breed with a "Game Style" pit?
A: Should or shouldn't isn't the question here. The real question is what are you trying to produce! When choosing who to breed your dog to, you need to look at the dogs them selves there traits and what they pass down to there offspring. Look back in there pedigree and see how each dog was breed over the years. Decide what style of dog your trying to produce than select the dogs you need to accomplish your goal. Don't just breed to breed. when in doubt always ask a professional breeder.
Q: What ABKC class is my Bully?
A: Dog classes are determined on a few different requirements Height, Age & Build. Please view the ABKC height table below for height requirements for each class. There are also 2 other ABKC classes called Extreme & Classic, there are no requirements on height. Extreme is defined as with heavier body frames and more overall body mass. Classic is defined as with lighter body frame and less overall body mass, often called UKC or Terrier style dog.
Gender Pocket Standard XL
Males under 17' 17' to 20' over 20'
Females under 16' 16' to 19' over 19'
Q: Can I vaccinate my own dog/puppy, and if so what shot schedule should i use?
A: Yes, but i recommend you find someone to show you the correct way of administering your dogs vaccination. There are many different Shot Schedules out there and recent studies show most people are over vaccinating there dogs. The following Shot Schedule is what we use here at GrindHouse Bullies. Also watch the below video on how to proper administer a vaccination.
6 Weeks
5-way Vaccine(w/Corona)
DAPPv+CV(DA2PPv+CV), Adenovirus Cough, Hepatitis, Canine Distemper, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus.
8 Weeks
5-way Vaccine(w/Corona)
DAPPv+CV(DA2PPv+CV), Adenovirus Cough, Hepatitis, Canine Distemper, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus.
12 Weeks Rabies: Given by your local veterinarian (age at vaccination may vary according to local law).
12 Weeks 7-way Vaccine(w/Corona & Lepton)
14 Weeks 7-way Vaccine(w/Corona & Lepton)
1 Year
7-way Vaccine(w/Corona & Lepton), 1 Year Rabies Booster
Q: What is an A.I.? How is it done? When should I do an A.I.?
A: An A.I. Is the artificial insemination of a female dog. To properly preform an A.I. you need to ask your local vet or a trained professional. During the breeding process a female can be aggressive and its best to use an A.I. to prevent any possible injuries. Also this is a very useful tool to use a male that's located out of state.

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GrindHouse Bullies is an American Bully Breeder located outside Tampa, Florida founded by Olin Stephens & Mike Randall. As an American Bully Breeder we strive to produce an all around extreme correct American Bully with a superior temperament and an unmatched sense of loyalty. We focus on creating a show quality, short, extreme, compact American Bully with large muscle mass, large blocked heads with strong wide fronts.

GrindHouse Bullies is dedicated to ending the negative stereotypes & misconceptions surrounding this unbelievable loving breed and do so by working with local American Bully Breeders in Florida. Our Bullies are raised in a loving family environment, and are socialized on a daily basis with the highest care possible. All of our dogs are UKC and/or ABKC registered, we breed to the ABKC Standard.

We have over 10yrs of experience breeding American Bullies & Pit Bulls if you have any question at all please don't hesitate to ask. All questions and inquiries are welcomed. We're looking forward to bringing you your next American Bully in the near future, as well as provide quality American Bully stud services.

Health & wellness is a top priority here at GrindHouse Bullies, therefore all of our pups are sold with a 12 month health guarantee covering sickness or death of genetic disorders. Please view our

None of our dogs are obtained, bred, sold, or given away for fighting or any other illegal activities. They are bred to be human companions, show dogs, and pets with the ability to work and the desire to please.

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